Rugby League: That’s The Way It Was. Rugby League’s Bonanza – The Cartwrights

In 1967, one of the most popular programs on Australian television was Bonanza. It was a program that revolved around the cattle ranching Cartwright family in 1860’s Nevada.

At the same time in Australia, another Cartwright family was just getting started, out at the Penrith Panthers.

Little did we know back then, that Penrith’s Cartwright family would have as many characters and as many stories to tell as their Hollywood counterparts.

Together, they would help to build a club – bigger than the Ponderosa!


Merv Cartwright Medal Winners – Penrith Player of the Year

2011Luke Walsh
2012Kevin Kingston
2013David Simmons
2014Matt Moylen
2015Tyrone Peachey
2016Trent Merrin
2017Rogan Campbell-Gillard
2018Isaah Yeo
2019James Fischer-Harris

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– Jim Jones is a former Penrith player and currently works as a recruitment manager for the Penrith Panthers. He is a life member of Penrith (Member no 74)

– The Sydney Morning Herald

– Rugby League News

– The Encyclopaedia of Rugby League Players – Whiticker/Hudson (Gary Allen 1999)

– Special thanks to Mary Cartwright for family images

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