Swimming pools may be among the most beautiful additions to any garden or home, particularly as the light gleams off the crystalline waters, tempting you to dive right in. But when the surface of that pool goes untreated, the problems can soon start. Fading, wear and tear, and sun damage are just some of the issues that can beset a poorly treated or uncoated pool surface, leading your dream pool to become a nightmare.

If you are looking to prevent these issues and more, read on to discover the benefits of EcoFinish, arguably the best coating that you can use on your pool right now…

What is EcoFinish?

EcoFinish is a high-performance pool coating made of polyethylene powder. It is long-lasting, highly durable, and effective at preventing any of the usual and less usual damage from occurring to your swimming pool. If you want the best coating for your pool, choose the one that is used by a pool resurfacing company that is the true expert in this field. 

Suitable for a variety of pools, whether they are made of fibreglass or concrete, EcoFinish is ideal for both residential and commercial use. EcoFinish is the world’s largest and best producer of polymer coatings, providing chemical and UV-resistant coatings that will last and last. EcoFinish coatings are pneumatically applied, protecting your pool’s interior from chipping, damage, and wear and tear.

A hose to clean an empty swimming pool in summer.

Proper pool care is essential, and failing to properly protect yours can leave you wishing that you never had one built. Yet there is a solution. You don’t need to book a holiday abroad and visit Italy or anywhere else to discover that picture-perfect pool for you to dive into. Simply choose a pool resurfacing company that can have yours looking and working perfectly right in your backyard. 

EcoFinish is the coating you need to protect your pool surface from damage from exposure to the sun, water, and the chemicals needed to keep your pool clean. It can improve the appearance of your pool, keeping it looking as good as new. EcoFinish can actively extend the life of your pool, preventing leaks and keeping it whole and functioning for longer.

Is EcoFinish waterproof?

EcoFinish coatings require professional care when preparing the surface, applying the polymer coating, and setting it correctly. When each of these stages is properly finished, the interior of your pool will indeed be protected against water. Along with many other substances that might cause harm.

To properly prepare your pool, you may need to have it sandblasted to remove any residual paint and will need to be checked for imperfections before you begin applying the coating. You don’t want to leave any blemishes that might show through your coating, but might also lead to damage that lets water in.

One of the most common causes of long-term damage in pools is the water itself, and choosing EcoFinish for your interior coating can prevent this from happening for years longer. If your pool interior is not waterproof in your concrete pool, water can permeate the concrete. This can cause it to break down over time. 

As the concrete breaks down, its strength dies and the structure of the pool is compromised. In cold weather, water in your pool’s foundations can be even more serious. The water can freeze, expanding and cracking the concrete and destroying your pool. As you can see, choosing a waterproof coating is of the utmost importance for its longevity and protection.

EcoFinish is completely waterproof once applied and heat-cured. This process is so quick when carried out by professionals that you can begin filling your pool with water that very same day. All while knowing that your pool is protected from the harmful qualities of the water that fills it.

Closeup of Water Quality Manual Test Kit with Color Scale for PH and Chlorine Level. Residential Swimming Pool Care, Treatment and Testing Routine.

How long does EcoFinish last?

There are many factors that can impact how long your EcoFinish coating will last after it is applied. EcoFinish is perfectly designed to be pH balanced so that the chemicals in your pool should not damage it like they can if your surface goes uncoated. 

It is also incredibly durable, so it is trickier to chip or damage your EcoFinish coating. These chips can allow the water and chemicals to penetrate deeper into your pool’s interior, causing serious harm and reducing its lifespan.

If you fail to properly prepare the surface of your pool or rush or botch the application process, this will naturally reduce the longevity of the EcoFinish coating. That is why it is essential that you have your pool interior coated by the professionals at West Coast Pool Resurfacing. They know exactly how to best apply EcoFinish so that it lasts as long as possible.

Once your pool is clean and prepared, a layer of epoxy is added, giving the EcoFinish powder something to stick to. This is applied using a compressed air gun, and the coating is then cured using heat. You can apply several layers, each of which dries quickly, forming a strong protective coating. This strong coating is tough to penetrate and won’t wear away like the uncoated surface of your pool.

The experts who utilise EcoFinish are so certain of its longevity, you can expect at least a 5-year guarantee, and often a 10-year promised lifespan. With EcoFinish, you can rest assured that your pool is as protected as can be.

Final thoughts

When choosing the right interior coating for your pool, you can’t do any better than EcoFinish, professionally applied so that you can start filling your pool that same day.

EcoFinish is:

  • A c powder coating can be applied to many pools, especially those made from concrete.
  • Long-lasting, with a guarantee of at least 5 years, and the likelihood of a lifespan of 10 years and even more.
  • A waterproof protective coating, perfect for stopping water from permeating into your pool’s foundations and causing cracks and damage.
  • Chemical-resistant and pH-neutral, preventing residue from building as well as damage from the chemicals in your pool.

As you can see, EcoFinish provides the perfect protective coating for your swimming pool and guarantees that it will stay protected for years and years to come. If your pool is in need of an effective coating, ask your resurfacing company for EcoFinish and you won’t be disappointed.

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