Rugby League: That’s The Way It Was. Newtown 1984 to 2019

Episode 6 : Newtown 1984 to 2019

On September 26, 1983, the New South Wales Rugby League did not invite Newtown to participate in the 1984 premiership. Many thought it was the end for Rugby League’s first club.
The club was cocooned for seven years, but in 1991 an osmosis began that would transform the club and take it to new, dizzy heights in 2019.

We are joined in this episode by Newtown Media Manager, Glen Dwyer who’s the author of a new book – ‘Taking it to the Streets – The Second Life of the Newtown RLFC ‘.

2019 Inter-state Championship Newtown Vs Burleigh Bears
Henson Park -2019. Beer, Footy and Food Festival

Acknowledgments:- Glen Dywer is the Media Manager of the Newtown Jets RLFC and the author of “Taking It to The Streets – The Second Life of the Newtown RLFC”.

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