The First Fijian -Apisai Toga.

On November 6, 1945 a baby boy is born in a small village outside of Nadi, Fiji.

One of 6 children, people noted the young boy had an adventurous spirit.

As a young man, this adventurous spirit would take him thousands of miles on a journey that hundreds of others would follow. 

But this isn’t just a story about another Rugby League player.

This is the story about a man who took incredible risks on behalf of his family – and his people.  

This is the story of the first Fijian.

This is the story of Apisai Toga.

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Apisai Toga (1945 – 1973). Rochdale 1964-1967 98 matches 9 tries St George 1968- 1972 65 matches (103 all grades) 9 tries.
The Toga brothers worked at St George Leagues Club. Apisai was a Painter and Inisai was a Concierge.
1965 Lancashire Cup Final Warrington defeated Rochdale 16-5
1965 Lancashire Cup Final. Warrington defeated Rochdale 16-5


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