Rugby League: That’s The Way It Was. That’s A Miracle! The 1995 State of Origin Series

EPISODE 12 That’s a Miracle! The 1995 State of Origin Series

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In 1995, the game of Rugby League was at war with itself.

Clubs, officials, players and supporters had turned on each other. Sponsors were walking away, TV Ratings were down, and most importantly the games supporters were disillusioned and disappearing,

The game needed something uplifting to change its fortunes.

The game needed something inspirational to give it a lift.

In short, the game needed a miracle!

That miracle arrived with the 1995 State of Origin Series.

Author Robert Burgin joins us to discuss the many memorable aspects of the series.

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Paul Vautin, Coach
Gary Larson, Player of the Series
State of Origin 1995 Scorecard (courtesy of Rugby League Project)


Robert Burgin is the author of Maroon Mentality. He was a journalist for Rugby League Week and is the co-founder of the Latin Heat Rugby League.

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